About the department

The Department of Micro- and Nanosciences is a part of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. The department conducts research and provides education in its field at the university. Parts of the department are located both at the building of electrical and communications engineering and Micronova (micronova.fi), which is a center for the design, development and fabrication of micro- and nanosystems. Micronova was completed in 2002 and it provides the largest cleanroom facilities in Scandinavia for both research and educational purposes.

The personnel consists of ca. 100 persons. There are 10 professors and docents, close to ten persons in support and administrative personnel and 70-90 researchers and teachers.

The department consists of seven research groups of micro and- nanosciences and the electronic circuit design unit, which research and develop for example different kinds of sensors, optical fibers, microelectromechanical systems and integrated circuits for data communications and sensor applications. Research is conducted in cooperation with many companies, organizations and universities. In addition, electronic circuit design unit is a part of SMARAD (smarad.aalto.fi), which the Academy of Finland has appointed as a centre of excellence in research due to its high-standard research teams.

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